What Do Guys Like About Girls: Things Men Love & Absolutely Hate

What Do Guys Like About Girls: Things Men Love & Absolutely Hate

Guys are a confusing species. What do guys like about girls and what do they not like? Is there a ‘one size fits all’, or does it vary?

Sometimes, it can be hard to know whether you’re doing this whole dating thing right. How are you to know what od guys like about girls? Or what they dislike more than anything else?

You’re supposed to be a little mysterious, but not too much. You’re supposed to play slightly hard to get, but not to the point where you’re impossible to get hold of. You’re supposed to look your best, but not overly done up. Ladies, it’s hard work, right?

Perhaps the best way to approach this whole dating situation is to just be yourself and go with what feels right. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a little information – what do guys like about girls? By knowing this, you can figure out where you are on the spectrum.

That being said, I don’t advocate changing yourself for anyone. If he doesn’t like you for a trait you have, let him go and find someone who loves you for it. It’s a fine line between staying true to yourself and making sure that you’re not unwittingly displaying traits that aren’t really who you are, which could be putting guys off you.

Let’s explore 15 things guys like about girls, and things they don’t. You might be surprised at some of them.

What do guys like about girls?

To begin with, let’s take a look at what do guys like about girls, and the traits they value above others. Appearances alone, you say? Well, looks do play a part. But there are many other things guys like that’ll make you a catch in any guy’s eye!

#1 Confidence in who they are. What do guys like about girls? Confidence! However, this is a subtle kind of confidence which means you carry yourself with grace and you don’t feel the need to bend to any specific so-called rules on how you should look or what you should do. A girl who is body confident is super-sexy, but that confidence comes from within.

#2 Independence. An independent girl can be a little scary for some. But in that case, you need to go out and find yourself a stronger man! Independence means that you don’t need the guy, you want him, and that’s super-sexy on its own.

#3 Drive and determination. If you want to know what do guys like about girls, it’s knowing what they want and being determined to go out there and get it. He’ll become your biggest cheerleader, watching you conquer the goals you set for yourself. However, remember to make time for each other in the middle of all this world-beating stuff!

#4 Not taking themselves too seriously. The ability to not take yourself too seriously and be able to laugh when you trip up or drop food down your shirt is cute to a guy, and it shows that you’re fun to be around. If something happens, just laugh about it – what else can you do anyway?

#5 Sense of humor. A wicked sense of humor is a hugely attractive trait in anyone and if you’re asking what do guys like about girls, it’s high up on the list! Of course, what one person finds funny, other doesn’t, but the fact that you’re able to smile and laugh at life shows that you’re someone he wants to be round.

#6 Playfulness. Life should be serious all the time and even if you’re a super-determined lady, you need to let your guard down and be playful some of the time. This is something which guys find cute about girls, especially if it’s a side they don’t normally see.

#7 Sensitivity. It’s hard to pinpoint what femininity is, but for the most part, it’s about sensitivity and grace. This is something which men find very attractive about women and it’s a way of making him feel comfortable and safe. What do guys like about girls? The ability to be sensitive, yet strong, when the need arises.

#8 Loyalty. This trait is high on the list for everyone, but loyalty is a hugely attractive trait in a girl. You know that she is going to be on your side no matter what and that you can trust her when she’s out with her friends, out on her own, or out with anyone for that matter!

#9 Kindness and understanding. A girl who is kind and understanding is likely to catch a man’s heart, simply because he melts whenever he is around her. Of course, I’m not suggesting that just this one trait alone would do it, but it’s up there on the list.

#10 Ability to listen. Guys want to be listened to. They don’t want to be lectured or given advice they didn’t ask for. If you’re able to listen to a guy and just let him feel that he’s being heard, he’ll appreciate it. In conjunction with other traits on this list, he might even fall for you.

#11 Empathy. Empathy and sensitivity work hand in hand but the ability to put yourself in the shoes of other people and understand what they’re thinking and feeling is a very special thing. Guys like girls who can be sensitive and understanding in that way and using empathy when communicating and dealing with situations.

#12 Being able to flirt in a feminine and coy way. Is there anything sexier than a girl who is flirting, but in such a subtle way that you’re quite sure she is flirting, but at the same time, you’re questioning yourself? It’s so coy and it’s so alluring!

#13 Smiling. When you smile, the whole world lights up. That’s exactly what it feels like to him. What do guys like about girls? The ability to smile and let their entire face light up. It’s disarming, it makes him feel like he’s comfortable and safe, and it knocks down barriers.

#14 Spontaneity and adventure. Whilst you shouldn’t be off having adventures all the time, the ability to be spontaneous occasionally and head off on a small adventure will keep him on his toes and guys love that!

#15 Intelligence. Never be afraid to let your intelligence shine. If you know something, say it and don’t keep it inside out of some outdated view. You’re a modern woman with a mind of her own, views of her own, and a great intelligence. Guys love it!

What do guys not like about a girl?

Of course, there are some things which guys don’t like about girls. What are they?

#1 Arrogance. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and if you go too far towards the arrogance side of things, he’s going to be turned off. Check yourself occasionally, there’s no need to be over the top.

#2 Gossiping and talking behind people’s backs. Okay, I know, we all love a little gossip occasionally. But if you’re regularly chatting behind people’s backs and talking about everyone else, you need to stop. Not only is it quite a negative trait in general, but it’s not on the list of what do guys like about girls.

#3 Trying too hard to impress. There is nothing wrong with trying to be the best you can be, but if you’re always seeking validation from others and trying just a little too hard to impress everyone around you, it’s a huge turn off.

#4 Refusing to eat in front of them. Don’t order a salad and stare lovingly at his fries! Order the fries, eat them, and enjoy them! Forget this stupid rule that girls have to be never hungry and always picking delicately at lettuce leaves – we’re woman who need nutrition and if you want a burger, girl, you order a burger!

#5 Bitchiness. Bitchy girls aren’t friendly, they’re not attractive, and they’re extremely negative. Quit the bitchiness and try being kind and sensitive for a change. It’s likely to be more along the lines of who you are anyway, and you might find that you make far more friends *and admirers* as a result.

#6 Too materialistic. You don’t always need to have the latest designer name or top of the range cell phone to be attractive. Attractiveness comes from inside. Guys aren’t that impressed by materialistic values, not real guys anyway.

#7 Always taking selfies. You might wonder what the harm is in taking selfies, and I have to admit I did wonder this myself. However, a male friend of mine told me that he finds it hugely off putting when a girl is constantly taking selfies to post on social media. When you think of it that way, you can see where he’s coming from.

#8 Being fake. If you try to be something you’re not, people can see through it. Stick to being who you are, fakery just doesn’t work, and it won’t be anywhere near as great as the real person you are on the inside.

#9 Neediness. Step away and let him breathe for a minute! It is entirely possible to be too needy and it’s not attractive. If anything, this is one of the main reasons why a guy is likely to run a mile. Let him do his thing, you do yours, and enjoy the time you do spend together.

#10 Lack of ambition. Whilst you don’t have to be planning to change the world 24/7, you do need to have a certain amount of ambition and a plan of what you want to do with your life. A lack of this is nothing short of unattractive.

#11 Lying. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Lies always come back to bite you on the ass, so quit the lies and be real. Guys don’t like it, girls don’t like it, hell, nobody likes it!

#12 Talking about your ex. Just don’t. Really, just don’t. If you’re with a guy, there’s no reason for you to talk about your ex-partner. They don’t need to know what went on, they don’t need to see that you still harbor resentment, and they don’t need to know why you split. Just focus on the here and now.

#13 Laziness. There is a very real difference between being lazy and being laid-back. Laid-back can be cute, as long as you’re still getting stuff done, but lazy is just pure unattractive. Get up and do something!

#14 Negativity. Being around someone who always sees the glass as half empty is draining. Try and work on developing a positive mindset and you’ll not only feel better in yourself, but you’ll notice more attention coming your way too.

#15 Playing hard to get on purpose. It’s normal to be a little coy and play a little hard to get, but if you’re doing it too much, it’s downright annoying. It makes you look like you have an inflated sense of self that you’re able to play games like this. It won’t work, so just be real.

What do guys like about girls? In the end, it comes down to realness and the ability to be positive and happy in life. Remember these traits, and if you can follow through with it, you’ll surely be one of the most desirable girls around, and you really don’t have to make any effort at all!


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