Strong Signs He Caught Feelings for You and Is Falling Hard Too

Strong Signs He Caught Feelings for You and Is Falling Hard Too

Guys can be confusing creatures. Does he like you or not? If you’re searching for signs he’s caught feelings for you, look no further!

To help you cope with the confusion of early love, it’s best to try and figure out where you stand. Of course, you don’t want to ask the guy outright. I’m not suggesting you do. Instead, look closely for signs he’s caught feelings for you. Then, feel your way from there!

The first few months of any new relationship can be confusing. Is it even a relationship? You’re not sure whether you’re exclusive, and you don’t want to ask. You’re not sure if this is going anywhere, but you’re terrified to even drop hints.

Do you ever want to fast forward past those first few months and get to the comfortable stuff?

Let’s be honest, as confusing as those first few months are, they’re pretty exciting too! Full of mystery, allure, can’t keep your hands off each other fun. Believe me, once you’ve been together a few years you might find yourself thinking back wistfully about those fun first few months!

Look out! The signs he’s caught feelings for you

Some of these signs are more obvious than others. It’s important that you look for more than one; perhaps two or three signs and you’re on solid ground. So, how many of these signs he’s catching feelings can you tick off your list?

1. You’re always catching his eye

Let’s be honest, you can’t catch the eye of someone who’s not looking at you in the first place! If he’s staring at you in a cute kind of way, that’s a clear sign this boy has budding feelings for you. Of course, there is cute staring and altogether weird staring. Hopefully it’s the former, and not the latter!

2. His friends know small details about you

Hopefully, he’s not telling them anything unnecessary, but if you meet his friends and they know your job, favorite TV show, etc., he’s been gushing to them about how wonderful you are. Definitely one of the signs he’s catching feelings!

3. You receive cute, random texts

If someone texts you, it is because they thought of you. It could be because they want to tell you something in particular. But, if you’re receiving ‘just because’ texts, that’s a sign that this guy can’t get you out of his mind!

4. When he has spare time, he spends it with you

Let’s be honest, most guys have many friends. They only have to click their fingers and they come running. Now, if this guy is choosing to spend his spare time with you, that’s a great sign. Of course, he shouldn’t spend all his time with you, but if you’re noticing him spending more and more of his downtime by your side, you’re onto a winner!

5. Kisses you with meaning

There is a difference between kissing someone and really kissing someone. If there is definite passion behind his kisses then he’s trying to communicate his feelings non-verbally. If you feel the same, pick up the pace and show him how much you care in return!

6. He touches you for no reason

Does he touch your arm randomly, play with your hair, stroke your face, etc.? He’s finding excuses to touch you because he just can’t believe his luck. If he’s pretty cuddly and touchy-feely, that is one of the signs he’s catching feelings, for sure. However, don’t be upset if he’s not doing this. Some guys just aren’t tactile, and that’s fine too.

7. He pays attention to small details

Did you tell him a funny, but insignificant story, about something that happened when you were a child? If he remembers it a few weeks down the line, that’s a great sign! Simply remembering small details about you means that he’s paying attention.

8. He lets you know he misses you when you’re not together

When you’re apart for more than a night or so, he messages you simply to tell you that he misses you. A big sign he’s catching feelings! Someone who doesn’t care isn’t going to bother sending this type of text and will stick to regular chat instead. If he says he misses you, he’s got feelings coming his way!

9. He shows others you’re with him

Now, I should point out that there is a difference between subtly showing other guys that you’re with him and controlling behavior. If you’re noticing him holding your hand when you’re out and about, standing a little closer when there are other guys around, and small details like this, that’s a great sign.

It basically tells other guys “this one’s taken.” On the other hand, if he’s being controlling and asserting firm ownership, you should probably let this one go and find someone a little more respectful.

10. You’re the only one he’s talking to

Most guys are talking to a few other girls at the same time. This is normal for a single guy. However, if you’re the only one he’s talking to in a flirty kind of way, that’s one of the big signs he’s catching feelings.

What you need to think about now is whether you’re talking to anyone else or not too. Remember, it works both ways!

11. He lets his guard down

If your guy is happy to be a little vulnerable from time to time around you, e.g. he doesn’t mind talking about his feelings a little, then he’s certainly serious about you. Generally speaking, guys don’t talk about how they feel with just anyone. They have to trust you first of all.

If his guard drops around you, even if it’s only occasionally, that’s a great sign. In this case, be sure to listen, don’t laugh, be supportive. Let him know that you’re there if he wants to talk about anything. Sometimes just listening and being a gentle presence in his life is enough to get him to open up even more.

12. He mentions the future

I’m not suggesting he’ll talk about weddings and the like, but if you notice him talking about the future in any way, and reflects the two of you together, that’s a definite sign. It might be a comment as a joke or a serious comment. It doesn’t matter. The fact is, guys don’t mention the future with just anyone!

13. He loves to help you out

He secretly wants to be your personal hero, so when you call and ask him to help you with something, he’s likely to come running. Sure, he might huff and puff about it a little, but he doesn’t mean it! He secretly loves it.

14. He calls or texts to tell you when something good has happened

One of the signs he’s caught feelings? He calls you to tell you when something good happened. Whenever something happens in life, you want to call the person you’re closest to. If he chooses to call you and tell you about it, it’s because he loves to share things with you.

15. It’s not all about the sex

Sure, you’re probably having all the sex, but is that everything your relationship is about? If it’s not, that’s one of the signs he’s caught feelings. If he’s happy to sit on the couch and cuddle, kiss, or just stroke your hair, that means things are progressing nicely.

16. He tells you personal things

We don’t tend to tell people things about ourselves willy-nilly. We often wait until there’s an emotional connection there, and a sense of trust. If he’s opening up to you and telling you things that he’s not telling other people, that means he trusts you and he feels comfortable sharing his secrets with you.

17. Sometimes he acts a little strange

This an odd one for sure, but sometimes guys can act a little strange when they start to catch feelings for someone. It takes them back for a second, makes them feel vulnerable, and it can take some getting used to. Let him get it out of his system, it’s actually a good sign!

18. He often tells you that you’re different

Don’t worry, different is good! He’s telling you that he feels differently about you to the others he’s dated. That’s great news because all his other relationships failed, so if he feels differently that means yours may not!

19. You notice him smiling for seemingly no reason

When you’re happy or you’re around someone who makes you happy, you can’t help but smile. One of the signs he’s catching feelings is when he can’t help but have a grin on his face for no reason whatsoever. No, he’s not crazy, he’s just falling head over heels for you.

20. He’s happy doing nothing, as long as he’s with you

When you first start dating, you want to do things all the time. Every date has to be special and carefully planned out. However, when things settle down, you don’t mind doing the low-key things together. If he’s happy to just chill on the couch, not really doing anything much at all, that means he’s simply comfortable being with you.

21. He tells you how great you are

There’s something seriously confidence-boosting to be told you’re amazing on a regular basis! One of the signs he’s caught feelings is when he always tells you how great you are and how much he loves spending time with you. Lap it up and let it boost your feel-good factor!

22. He starts to use the same kind of phrases and slang as you

When you spend a lot of time around someone, you start to pick up on their subtle habits. If he’s doing this and he seems to completely embrace it, it’s because it’s like having a small part of you around at all times. It’s cute!

23. He tells you how he feels

He might not say the L word yet, but he’ll clearly let you know that he’s feeling something for you. Make sure you tell him how you feel back and don’t leave him hanging!

When a guy starts showing you signs he’s catching feelings, approach with caution. Let’s face it, not all guys find it easy to open up and be vulnerable. Looking for these signs means that you can feel your way and help you to relax into it, without the constant need for clarification.

When these signs come your way, and you feel the same way, be sure to reflect them back and show your affection too. Putting up a wall because you’re confused about where you stand isn’t going to steer the relationship past these confusing first few months. Be open with your own feelings too.

The main signs he’s catching feelings might not be all that obvious at first. When combined together as a whole, it points to a relationship moving towards the comfortable stage.


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