Signs She Wants to End the Relationship and Call It Quits

Signs She Wants to End the Relationship and Call It Quits

Relationships are tricky. You may be fully in it, but is your partner on the same page? Do you see signs she wants to end the relationship?

When it comes to relationships, most of us don’t know what we’re doing *include me on that list*. We like someone, start to date them, and just go with the flow. Maybe there’s a plan, but usually, we’re just winging it. Knowing the signs she wants to end the relationship will give you direction on what might be coming next.

Of course, all relationships will go through its ups and downs, which is completely normal. You’re getting to know your partner, and there will be times where you’re not sure if they’re the right person for you and vice versa. And it’s with those ups and downs where you start to see who you’re with. Now, some couples make it through and end up in long-term relationships, and others call it quits.

Now, you can never really know what goes on in another person’s head. They could be all lovey-dovey one minute and the next they’re telling you to hit the road. You don’t need to wait for that to happen. Instead, you can just look at the signs and try to map out where things are going.

Yes, the signs. Even the most mysterious people are readable, you just need to be paying attention to catch the small nuances and recognise the signs she wants to end the relationship with you. So, instead of sitting and wondering, try to see if your partner is exhibiting these signs.

Now, it doesn’t mean they’re going to break-up with you. But it does mean you need to take it easy and see if you can invest a little bit more energy into the relationship. That is if you want to be with them.

Signs she wants to end the relationship with you

If she’s over it, the signs she wants to end the relationship are there.

#1 Pulling away. But they’re doing it ever so slowly. Just enough for you to kind of take notice, but not enough for you to worry.

No, you’re not getting ghosted… at least not yet. They’re trying to create a distance between so that when it comes to an end, it won’t be too hard to handle. If this is a long-term relationship, they can do better than this.

#2 You feel it coming. In your gut, you feel it coming. You’ve been noticing these signs she wants to end the relationship in many subtle ways so far. You’ve been trying to avoid it and suppress it, but you know what’s going to happen. Now, you’re just sitting and waiting for the train to hit.

But, why sit and wait for her to dump you? You should be confronting her on it and getting it over with if that’s the case.

#3 You’ve moved down the ladder of priorities. When you’re in a loving relationship, both partners make each other a priority. But if she’s no longer investing time into you or showing any interest in being with you, well, your relationship is flatlining, and it’s happening fast. Once you’re no longer a priority, it’s only a matter of time.

#4 They don’t care what you do. Whether going out with friends or staying late at work, nothing seems to phase them. They’re not upset if you haven’t seen each other in days; they’re probably happy because now they have something to lean on when it’s time to cut the cord. If they no longer care about what you do, well, do they even care about you?

#5 No more deep conversations. You used to talk all night, sharing secrets and deep thoughts you have. But your conversations are now as deep as a kiddie pool. Maybe she asks how your day was, and that’s about it. She keeps the conversation light and minimal. You know what that means… that’s one of the big signs she wants to end the relationship.

#6 She stopped going on dates with you. Maybe she comes over to Netflix and chill, but she’s no longer interested in going out for dinner or grabbing drinks with you. Now, that’s not a good sign. If she’s into you, she would want to go on fun and hot dates. But if she’s only coming over to your house, then something’s up.

#7 You’re no longer visible on her social media. If she’s someone who likes to post pictures of you together, take a look at her profile now. I bet there aren’t as many photos of the two of you, right? Well, if she’s doing that, she’s slowly inching you out of her life, and giving off the impressions she’s either single or soon-to-be single.

#8 They’re not present. When you’re with them, they’re not there. I mean, physically, yes, they’re there. But emotionally and mentally, they’re off somewhere else. If you’re starting to feel a huge distance between you two, then be on high alert because it is one of those clear signs she wants to end the relationship with you. It could be something completely unrelated, but let’s be honest, it’s probably not.

#9 She doesn’t fight with you anymore. Couples argue; it’s a normal part of a relationship. But, when you start to talk about something that’s bothering you, she doesn’t even care. She doesn’t argue with you; instead, she’ll shrug, or maybe just agree to get the conversation over with. If that’s the case, she’s not looking to fight for the relationship.

#10 She dodges any talks about the future. Maybe you wanted to take a trip with her to Mexico in a couple of months, but she’s dodging that conversation like it’s lava.

Listen, if she’s not giving you a firm answer on any future plans, it’s because she’s not sure you will even be together.

#11 You feel the chemistry fade. When we stop having feelings for someone, the chemistry fades quickly. Basically, it just drops. She doesn’t want to touch you or flirt with you; everything comes to an end. If this is happening, you should talk to her as soon as possible because this is one of the last but most important signs she wants to end the relationship.

#12 They’re digging metaphors. And not the good kind. They’re talking to you in horrible 80 rom-com cliches, telling you that sometimes things aren’t meant to be. And if that’s happening, well, then, wake up, because those are pre-breakup metaphors. If they’re dropping hints, call them out on it and see what’s going on.

#13 The sex changed. The sex between you was passionate and emotional. Now, it feels empty, as if you’re not actually having sex with anyone. The noises and touches aren’t genuine; they feel forced and emotionless. If that’s the case, something is definitely going on. Sex is greatly affected once someone emotionally pulls out of a relationship.

#14 You don’t feel appreciated. She used to be very sweet and give you endearing compliments or say “thank you” when you did something nice. But that’s all changed. She doesn’t do any of those things anymore, and you feel unappreciated. In general, that’s not a good sign of a healthy relationship.

#15 You don’t hang out with her social circle. You use to hang out with her and her friends, but you haven’t seen them in a while. This isn’t a coincidence. If anything, her friends already know what’s going to happen. If she stops including you in her social circle, she’s giving herself some space and letting you know that you’re no longer a part of the group.

When it comes to relationships, they’re never easy. And even though you want yours to last, there’s a chance it may end if you see these signs she wants to end the relationship.


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