Rose Color, Its Meaning & How to Use It to Convey Your Feelings

Rose Color, Its Meaning & How to Use It to Convey Your Feelings

Did you know that roses have individual meanings according to their color? Learn the rose colors and their meaning and never get it wrong again.

A rose is a beautiful flower. Long throughout history it’s been used to symbolize romance and love. However, did you know that different rose colors and their meaning change according to the color you choose? By choosing the right color, you could really get your desired message across. Of course, get the color wrong and you could be saying something very wrong indeed!

To help you out, let’s dig a little further into the wonderful world of roses, the different rose colors and their meaning, and why this delectable flower is so special in the first place.

What makes a rose so special?

Why is a single rose so special? Firstly, it’s a very attractive flower, which is probably enough to answer the question – who doesn’t love a pretty flower? However, there are other things at play here.

A rose symbolizes love and romance, but it also has a spiritual meaning; many people deem a rose to be a symbol of God’s love. That is why you’ll often see roses in religious ceremonies, e.g., as part of a funeral wreath.

However, the most common use of a rose is to give to a loved one. On Valentine’s Day, roses are in huge demand! A single red rose has long been a sign of love and giving a rose to a loved one shows them that you care and that you adore them with all your being. But, there are different colors of roses. You can mix and match them to get the right message across.

Let’s delve into the world of rose colors and their meaning, but remember that you don’t always have to go by tradition. If you simply like the color of a rose and want to have it in your house, or give it to a loved one, go for it!

Rose colors and their meaning

Roses come in all different colors. Some are naturally a particular shade while others have been synthetically created that way. Let’s look at each of the most common roses, their colors, and their meanings, in turn.

#1 Red rose and what the color means.

The most iconic type of rose, this is a flower which represents strong romantic love, passion, and desire. This is the traditional flower to send to someone you love and as a result, it’s the easiest to find.

#2 White rose and the meaning of its color.

A white rose is often associated with wedding and funerals. It symbolizes a new beginning but is also the perfect choice for remembering someone dear. A white rose means respect, innocence, and hope.

#3 Yellow rose and what the color says.

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and care, but they can also be used in funeral wreaths as a sign of remembrance. A yellow rose is a lovely gift to give to someone simply to say “thank you”, or that you care.

#4 Pink rose and the meaning behind the color.

A graceful pink rose is a good choice to say thank you to someone or to show your love for someone in a gentle and sophisticated way. Pink roses symbolize sweetness which means they’re a flexible flower you can use for a lover, friend, or colleague.

#5 Black rose and the meaning it signifies.

A black rose is often used during times of loss. You’ll often see them as part of a funeral procession. However, they can be used to symbolize the end of a relationship or the end of a particular endeavor or thought. Of course, black roses aren’t grown naturally and are synthetically made.

#6 Blue rose and the meaning of the blue color.

Blue roses look beautiful, but again, they’re not grown naturally. A blue rose is used to symbolize desire, but it’s also a mysterious flower, probably because it’s not a naturally grown option. If you love someone but know they don’t feel the same way back, a blue rose will symbolize that.

#7 Orange rose and its meaning.

Bright and vibrant, orange roses are a great choice if you’re feeling upbeat and happy. If you want to give thanks and show that you have a passion for something or someone, an orange rose is a great symbol.

#9 Ivory rose and the subtle meaning behind it.

Some people can’t really tell the difference between a white rose and an ivory rose, but when looking at rose colors and their meaning, there is something to notice here. Ivory roses are elegant and often play a part in wedding bouquets, they’re luxurious and stylish too.

#10 Lavender rose and its meaning.

You must admit that a pastel lavender rose is a pretty beautiful thing to behold! These are often seen most commonly during the spring months and symbolize fascination and have a regal, majestic feel to them. They’re also a sign of love at first sight, so if you meet someone and instantly know that they’re The One, send them a lavender rose!

#11 Peach rose and the meaning behind the color.

A beautiful peach rose is often used as a sign of thanks, but they can also symbolize loyalty too. If you want to give thanks to someone, a bouquet with a peach rose or two is the ideal choice when thinking about rose colors and their meaning.

#12 Green rose and its meaning.

Yes, green roses do exist! These beautiful and serene flowers are rarely seen. If you do catch them, they’ll be around during the spring months. Green roses symbolize fertility, serenity, calm and rebirth. Green roses are a good choice to give to someone who has just had a baby or someone who has found out that they are expecting. They’re also a good choice if you want to wish someone a speedy recovery after an illness.

#13 Rainbow roses/multicolored and what the different colors tell you.

You might be lucky enough to see a rose that has an ombre feel to it, with several different colors merging into one. These are great choices to give someone for any happy occasion, such as welcoming a new baby, new job, anniversary, or birthday. The different colors symbolize fun, happiness, and good wishes.

You can, of course, mix together different colors of roses and put together a bespoke message that you want to give to that person. By knowing the different rose colors and their meaning, you’ll be able to choose the right color to tell the recipient what you want them to know.

Do you have to take notice of the traditional meanings? Not necessarily! You can just give someone a rose because you like the color and you don’t have to know what it means or even agree with it if you don’t want to. That’s what is so great about flowers in general. They can just be a gift to say, “thank you”, or “I’m thinking of you” and you can delve into meanings if you choose to, or just keep it simple. Despite that, it’s a nice thing to know about, isn’t it?

Aside from the color, there is a meaning behind how you choose to send them, especially when it comes to red roses. You can send your roses as a single rose, a dozen, two dozen, or opt for the long-stemmed type. Again, you can just choose to go with what looks good to you or what you can afford but there is a meaning behind it if you want to go down the traditional route.

For instance, sending a single, long-stemmed rose is normally done with a red rose. This is a simple yet effective way to tell someone that you love them. A dozen roses often tell someone that you love them, you want them to be yours, or that you care. Two dozen roses is quite the extravagant gift. It takes the simple message of the rose’s color and amplifies it by two dozen!

Now you know about rose colors and their meaning, you can get your message across completely and without any misunderstanding!


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