The Most Powerful Yet Casual Seduction Techniques to Use On Men

The Most Powerful Yet Casual Seduction Techniques to Use On Men

Is your guy not showing you attention? Want to turn the head of your crush? Check out these seduction techniques to use on men for guaranteed results!

Let’s be honest, sometimes men completely miss the signs that you’re attempting to seduce them. Most men take everything literally. If you’re expecting him to read between the lines and come to the right conclusion, you might be waiting a while! It might be time to take a second look at the seduction techniques to use on men.

Let me tell you a quick story.

A friend of mine was attempting to get the attention of her boyfriend who seemed to be far too attached to his Playstation. He had bought a new game. As a result, anything which wasn’t on his console screen wasn’t interesting to him. Obviously, she was a little annoyed that she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved.

It’s annoying, right? Surely you’ve been in this position.

Because she wanted that attention, she decided that she was going to try and seduce him away from the Playstation controller and into bed instead. Everything she tried was indirect. She tried to be subtle. He completely missed the point. It frustrated her beyond belief. In the end, she deduced that he had fallen in love with his new game and fallen out of love with her.

Of course, it wasn’t the truth. He was simply being a little lacking in thought and neglecting her needs. The point I’m trying to make however is that if you want to identify seduction techniques to use on men that will work, you should be obvious, direct, and show confidence. Tiptoeing around the situation won’t bring you results.

Seduction techniques to use on men which are guaranteed to work 

To help you out, let’s check out these 11 techniques to try for yourself.

#1 Dress to impress. The most obvious things often work the best. Dress up in clothes which make you feel great and show off every part of your body that you like. If you don’t feel comfortable in a particular outfit, don’t wear it. This entire strategy relies upon you feeling great. So, it means dressing to impress yourself and him.

#2 Focus on your lips. Men seem to be drawn to the lips. Highlight this particular asset! Make them pouty or red, or an attractive shade that draws attention to it. Basically, do something which makes your lips stand out to the point where he can’t help but kiss them! Licking or biting your lips is also a great option here, because it makes him wonder what you’re thinking about while licking or biting them!

#3 Absentmindedly play with your hair. Playing with your hair is a girly tactic which works really well on men. As a result, it’s one of the best seduction techniques to use on men. However, make sure that you pair it with other behavior, such as biting your lip, lingering looks, and a coy smile.

#4 Wear heels and walk with confidence. There is something about heels which make you walk that little bit taller, make you adopt a strong posture, and they help you walk with confidence. As you walk around in your heels, your hips will sway naturally, and he won’t be able to help himself when he sees you! Of course, you need to wear heels which you can actually walk in, otherwise, it’s more like a tottering penguin than elegant swan!

#5 Show him that you don’t care. Now, I’m not normally one for games, but this particular choice in our list of seduction techniques to use on men is very successful for reasons unknown to me! When you show a guy that you’re not all that bothered, he wants you more. It’s some strange reaction which occurs in a man’s brain, so if you want to have him eating out of the palm of your hand, quit being so needy. Instead, focus on yourself and do things without him. He will come running!

#6 Touch him occasionally and then pull away. A great seduction technique is gentle touch, perhaps on his arm or his face, then pull your attention away. Make sure you pair these touches with a coy smile or a licked lip for maximum attention. These lingering touches need to be strong enough to really show what your intentions are, but light enough to show that you’re playing.

#7 Build him up and leave him hanging. Another game which seems to work! If you’re flirting and it seems to be working, stop and leave him hanging for a while, before picking it up again a little later on. This is a frustrating technique for him, one which will confuse the life out of him and drive him into a frenzy!

#8 Use your bedroom eyes. If you don’t know what bedroom eyes are, they’re basically the look you have in your eyes when you want a guy and he knows it. Adopt that look and he won’t be able to help himself! If you need a little help here, use a smoky eyed look with some makeup. This gives that sexy ad seductive appearance, and if you can accentuate the lips at the same time, you’ll have maximum success.

#9 Show off your curves. I’m not suggesting you walk around with hardly any clothes on, but a woman’s curves are extremely sexy. They will make your man drop to his knees when used in the right way. Less is more here, so I’m talking about just a little hint of cleavage or a little extra leg. Don’t go too far with this, but a hint will certainly do the trick.

#10 Dance a little. This particular one of the seduction techniques to use on men really relies upon there being a situation which you can dance. You can’t go around dancing for no reason! If there is music and a dancing situation, go for it! Sway those hips, wiggle that butt, and show him what he’s missing!

#11 Make a suggestive remark or two. The thing with men is that you need to be direct at times. There is nothing more direct than saying what you’re thinking then acting embarrassed because you’ve been caught out thinking something naughty! Of course, in reality you’re not at all embarrassed. You want him to be on the same page! The key here is to know when to stop. Don’t go all out dirty talk otherwise you’re missing the point; instead, a few well-timed remarks will do the trick.

How to use these seduction techniques on men

These seduction techniques to use on men will surely bring you success the next time you’re in a situation like my friend. Combine a few together and you’ll up your chances of getting what you want. However, be careful not to use them all at once. Otherwise, it might be a case of seduction overkill! Find the right balance of obvious and subtle, with a dash directness. It sounds complicated, but, in reality, it’s actually very easy.

The great thing about these particular techniques is that they’re direct but not glaringly obvious. As a result, he will think that the seduction was all his own idea. In reality, you were the one doing the guiding of the situation, cleverly behind the scenes!

Sometimes a guy needs a little shove in the right direction. Learning a few seduction techniques to use on men will help you to get what you want without being too obvious. By the end, he will be eating out of the palm of your hand and the control will be all yours!


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