Is He Into Me Or Is He Just Being Nice?

Is He Into Me Or Is He Just Being Nice?

We’ve all spent those nights thinking to ourselves, is he into me? Well, instead of theorizing, it’s time to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Do you feel something in the air when you’re around this guy? Do you ever wonder, is he into me, because of the things he does for you or the things he does around you?

Sometimes it’s not easy for a guy to tell a girl that he likes her. He may be shy or even scared of getting turned down. Do you have a guy friend who seems to have “more than friends” on his mind? Is he into you?

It’s not easy to know if a guy’s into you or just being really friendly. But if you know the signs that really matter, it’ll help you find out for yourself if a guy is into you and help you make the next move.

If you don’t like him, you can always back off or let him down easy before he goes in too deep. On the other hand, if you do like him, you can warm up to him and let him see that the romantic feelings are mutual.

Is he into me or is he just being nice? How to tell the difference

Sometimes, the signs a guy is into you, are so subtle it’s hard to know for sure. But if you see several of these signs in a guy, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that he has feelings for you, even if he hasn’t said it out loud yet.

It’s time to stop the hours and hours of wondering, and start looking for the signs to know the answer to the big question, is he into me?!

#1 He treats you like a lady when you’re out together. When just the two of you go out or hang out for a while, does he behave like you’re his girlfriend? Does he pull a chair back for you, offer to get you things, or does he insist of paying for you even when all friends generally go dutch?

If a friend does this, there’s also a good chance that he’s just being a chivalrous guy. But watch out for his behavior with other girls. Does he treat them the same way or is it just you that gets the special attention?

#2 He uses any excuse to touch you. If a guy’s into you, he’s obviously going to be infatuated by you. And infatuation also does involve a lot of sexual attraction. He may not make it obvious or give away any signs, but he’d try to touch you whenever he can, be it while crossing the street or the lingering touch while hugging you goodbye.

Ever felt like he lingers his touch when you clasp his hand or when he places his arm around your waist or on your back? That’s a good sign that he’s into you.

#3 He flirts with you. If a guy is into you, he can’t help but flirt with you. Flirting comes naturally when you like someone, you really can’t help it. Do you ever find him sweet talking you or asking you personal questions while pulling your leg? If he does this in front of others and to all girls, perhaps he’s just the group jester. But if he prefers to flirt when you’re alone or if he likes flirting just with you, he’s definitely into you!

Just flirt back with him now and then and see if he takes things further. Sometimes, all a guy needs is a small affirmative nudge to get the courage to let you know he likes you!

#4 He never talks about any other girl. When a guy likes a girl and hasn’t told her that he likes her yet, he’d want to make it as obvious as possible without really revealing the truth directly. At the same time, just to make it extremely clear that he’s into you and no one else, he may avoid talking about any other girl he fancies when he’s around you. That way, at least he’d hope to get the message across that you’re the only girl he notices.

#5 He wants to be with you. Even when you’re hanging out with a group of friends, does this guy make his way through the crowd of people just to be around you? If he constantly chooses to be around you even when there are several other friends he can talk to, he’s obviously very interested in you.

#6 He likes your attention. If you’re wondering, is he into me, about a particular guy, keep an eye out for his people-pleasing behavior that’s specific to you. If a guy likes you, he’d try his best to please you. Have you ever told him he looks good in a particular attire? Does he dress the same way often when he’s around you?

If he knows about your preference in music or places to hang out, does he have the same preferences too? A guy who likes you will always try to become the perfect splitting image of the kind of guy you’d like. So is he into you? If you see that he changes his preference whenever you change your interests and hobbies, there’s a possibility that he’s trying to impress you and make you like him.

#7 He opens up to you. Guys don’t usually open up to women right away. They tend to be more emotionally closed in the beginning. With time, they slowly open up. If he opens up to you, he trusts you and feels comfortable around you. That counts for something.

#8 His friends and family know about you. Guys don’t bring up the names of girls they’re not interested in. Period. But if a guy is interested in a girl, his friends would definitely know something about you, if not everything about you. If his friends and family know about you, he’s already been showing you off.

#9 He talks about “our” future. He may not even be thinking of it consciously, but he may drop a “we should do this next time.” It shows he thinks about the future. And if he’s thinking about the future, he likes spending time with you.

#10 He compromises. People like to have things go their own way, that’s only normal. Who wants to actually compromise and only be semi-satisfied? Exactly. But when you’re into someone, you’re more willing to compromise to make that person happy.

#11 He hangs around even when you show your true self. Any man that stays by a girl’s side when he sees her unshaven legs in stained pajamas, or when she’s got a running nose and a fever is probably interested in her, beyond sex. I mean, come on! In your purest form, a.k.a. who you are when no one’s around, he still sees the beauty, that means something. If you’re in sweatpants with no makeup on and he tells you you’re beautiful, he’s not lying.

#12 He compliments you. Okay, guys probably compliment you often. However, it depends on how they compliment you. Though it’s genuine, that doesn’t mean much. If he’s commenting on details about you, he pays close attention to you. That’s what you want.

#13 He wants to spend his free time with you. He could be watching Netflix or watching football with his boys, but instead, he’s going bike riding with you and eating sandwiches on the beach. His free time is as important as yours, so if he chooses to spend it with you, that means something.

#14 He’s the one keeping in contact. We both know that it takes two to tango, but if he’s the one chasing after you—texting and calling, well, he’s into you. I mean, this is pretty obvious. If he likes you, he calls you.

#15 He’s interested in your interests. If you’re not truly interested in someone, you may sleep with them, but you don’t really care what they do in their spare time. More importantly, you’re not going to waste your time doing something you don’t want to do.

Well, on the other hand, if he’s into you, he’ll be more willing to try things that you’re interested in like salsa dancing or going to the theater.

#16 It’s not all about him in bed. You know how guys can be… hmm… what’s the word—selfish. Yes, they can be selfish in bed. Now, if you’re sleeping with him and he’s not being stingy with performing oral sex and makes sure you orgasm, then he’s into you. If he’s only focused on his prick, well, that’s not a good sign.

#17 He likes to show you off. If a guy doesn’t like a girl, he wouldn’t be parading her throughout town, meeting friends and tagging her on social media. If this guy is taking you around town, showing you off, he’s proud to have you by his side.

#18 He supports your dreams. If he supports your goals and dreams, then he respects you and believes in you. Many people become jealous and try to push you down, but if he builds you up then he cares about you. Does this mean he’s into you? Not necessarily, but it’s a good sign that he sees you as more than just a pretty face.

#19 He initiates deep and meaningful conversations with you. If you’re still wondering, is he into me, think about the kind of conversations you two have with each other. Aside from the flirting, and the witty banter, does he also try to get to know you on a very personal level? Does he talk about his life’s desires, his dreams and aspirations?

Only the people who genuinely care about you, would want to know about your deepest desires and your dreams. And likewise, a guy would share his innermost thoughts with you, only he feels really close and emotionally invested in you.

#20 He tells you. Some guys are shy but eventually, when they get to the point where they’re pulling out their hair, they tell you. If you see all these signs, it’s only a matter of time until he tells you how he feels. But, you can also beat a guy to it and quicken the process by sharing your feelings with him. Why not? Life is too short to wait and wonder.

So, did you get the answer to your question, “is he into me?” Listen, you may now have a better feeling about what he thinks about you, but you’ll never know until you make a move or drop a few hints yourself!


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