How to Read the Signs You’re Falling in Love; Enjoy the Feeling

How to Read the Signs You’re Falling in Love; Enjoy the Feeling

You don’t really know what you’re feeling, but you think you may be in love. Want to know for sure? Here are the signs you’re falling in love.

Love. I love love. Just thinking about the time, I first fell in love brings back beautiful memories. Experiencing the signs you’re falling in love can be one of the strangest, yet most exhilarating, feelings in life.

Of course, everyone falls in love differently, and their experience is unlike any other person’s experience. Though this is beautiful, it can confuse us when trying to figure out our own feelings. When we see and hear other people’s experiences, we can compare to our own and see if what we’re experiencing is also love.

The 12 dreamy signs you’re falling in love

It’s time to step back from other people’s experiences and examine your own experience. If you’re unsure whether you’re falling in love or not, it’s time to look at the signs you’re falling in love.

Of course, these are general signs, but there are some science-backed signs to help confirm whether you’re really in love.

It’s time to clarify some things for you, so let’s get started. Are you ready to find out the signs you’re falling in love? I hope so!

#1 You want to touch and kiss them. Well, this may be seen as an obvious one. But it goes beyond just the physical attraction. When you touch and kiss someone, you release the “love hormone,” oxytocin, into your body. This makes the connection stronger between you and your partner.

#2 The time flies when you’re together. When you’re spending time with this person, it just flies. You’re not checking your phone or wondering when the date will be over. Time is irrelevant to you when you’re with them, and it’s why it goes by so quickly.

#3 You can’t stop staring at them. If there’s one thing your eyes are on, it’s them. Why wouldn’t you want to stare at the person you love? When you’re staring at them, you’re looking for more from there. You’re looking to see if they’re in your future.

#4 You’re not bothered when they do something unattractive. As humans, we can be pretty gross sometimes. But when you’re in love, you bypass all those unattractive traits your partner may have.

For example, chewing with their mouth open or biting their nails. The things that used to bother you, don’t anymore because you’re seeing the signs you’re falling in love.

#5 You can see your future with them. Oh yes, you’re in love. You’ve been thinking about where you will live, what the wedding is going to look like, and how life will be with this person. Your mind is already way ahead of you in the possible future.

#6 You’ve stopped doing your usual activities. You’ve dropped your usual activities to spend more time with this person. You crave them and feel that you need to spend time with them. You may skip your yoga class or un-enroll yourself out of the cooking course you wanted to take.

#7 You’re more optimistic than usual. You may see the glass half full, but you’re even more optimistic than usual. When you experience the signs you’re falling in love, your perspective of the world changes. You see things in a warmer light. This is due to the dopamine hit your body receives when you’re thinking about this person or spending time with them.

#8 They’re always on your mind. Your partner is always on your mind. When you’re at the store buying dinner, you think about what they would like to eat. If you’re at work, you’re wondering what they’re doing.

If you become preoccupied with them to the point where they’re all you think about, it’s one of those clear signs you’re falling in love with them.

#9 They can do no wrong. Though no one is perfect, you have yet to see the imperfections in your partner. Don’t worry; you will with time. But when you’re falling in love, your view of them is a bit skewed, and your reality is only focusing on what it wants to see.

#10 You care about their happiness. Yes, you’re happy, but you aren’t only concerned about your happiness. You also want them to be happy, which is why it is one of the signs you’re falling in love. This is a mature version of love, as you’re now viewing your partner as your equal.

#11 You’re willing to try new things. Before meeting them, you wouldn’t have tried certain activities or traveled to specific places. But now you’re willing to give new experiences a try because of your partner. You want to try new things with them.

#12 They’re the first person you talk to when something is happening in your life. When something big is happening in your life, who do you call? You call the person who means the most to you first. Maybe it’s your mom, dad, sibling, or your best friend. But now, the first person you call is them.

After looking at these signs you’re falling in love, what do you think? Are you? If so, this is exciting! Enjoy the experience because love is a beautiful thing.


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