How to Know If He’s Texting Someone Else: Signs He’s Hiding It

How to Know If He’s Texting Someone Else: Signs He’s Hiding It

You’re sitting at a café together enjoying the Saturday morning, but he’s busy texting on his phone. Here’s how to know if he’s texting someone else.

If you have a gut instinct that tells you something isn’t right, it’s good to figure out why you’re feeling this way. Though it may be nothing, it may also mean he’s texting someone else. But how can you tell? Well, I’m going to show you the signs for how to know if he’s texting someone else. Then, you can put the pieces together and see what’s really going on. It’s time to find out the truth.

Is he texting someone else?

I remember sitting across this guy who asked me out on a first date. Everything was going well, but he was constantly on his phone. And it made me a little worried! Who’s he always talking to? After the first date, he asked me on a second one. I went. Finally, I asked him who he was talking to. He became startled, took his phone and put it away. But then the phone rang, and he got up from the table to answer it. Well, good thing, I have good ears. It was his girlfriend calling.

The easiest ways to know if he’s texting someone else

There’s no better time than now to understand how to know if he’s texting someone else. You deserve to know if he’s all in or not.

#1 He gets anxious without his phone. Before, he could leave his phone for hours on end. But now, the idea of his phone not being in his pocket gives him anxiety. He needs to make sure he hears each ring or buzz go off. Once it does, he immediately grabs his phone to answer it. You rarely see him ignore a message.

#2 His behavior changes. He used to be very affectionate and warm, but lately, he’s been more reserved and cold. That’s not just by chance. Behavior is a huge indicator of how a person is feeling and what they’re possibly going through. If he’s pulled back, something is definitely up.

#3 They hide when they’re texting. Before, they would text right next to you, but now, they tend to turn away from you, making sure you can’t see what or who they’re texting. Isn’t that a bit odd? The only reason they’d be hiding this from you is if they know you’d be upset by the conversation going on.

#4 Check his phone keyword. You know the emojis he uses often while texting you. When he isn’t around, slide his locked screen and swipe until you see his keyboard, or the search bar on his screen. You can access this even if his screen is locked.

Now select emojis, and take a look at his emojis keyboard. The ones he uses most frequently would be displayed first. Are you seeing that his top emojis are the ones he doesn’t usually send to you? Well, if you’re wondering how to know if he’s texting someone else, now you definitely know he’s flirting with some other girl!

#5 He always seems distracted. Whether you are out or at home, he always seems distracted. His head isn’t next to you; he’s thinking about other things. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s texting someone else. It could be stress from work or school. But pair this with his face constantly buried in his phone, and that’s something you should look into.

#6 They’re always holding their phone. They used to leave it on the table or in their jacket, but now, they’re glued to their phone like never before. But nothing has changed in their life. They don’t have a new job or anything like that. So, what is it then that’s making them treat their phone like a piece of gold?

#7 He’s always texting when he’s with you. This is pretty important if you’re wondering how to know if he’s texting someone else. When he’s with you, sure he can be texting, but it shouldn’t be taking over the entire date. Most of the date, you’re on your own while he’s busy on his phone. When you ask him what’s up, he doesn’t tell you much and continues texting away.

#8 You’re never in his social media. Usually, you’ll post photos or stories with people you’re with, but when you hang out, he never includes you. Now, it’s different if he’s not into social media. But, if he’s always posting stories and photos of everything he does, but excludes you, something is up.

#9 He has a lot of pictures with other women. His social media is full of photos with other women, none of whom you’ve met. Maybe they’re his friends; maybe they’re women he’s just met. But it doesn’t matter. You’re finding all of this out on social media, which isn’t cool.

#10 You haven’t met his friends. At some point in the relationship, you’re going to meet his friends. That’s just how it goes. But he keeps you far away from his group of buddies. If a friend accidentally slips out the wrong name, it could be a disaster.

#11 He never has much time to hang out. He can give you an hour of his time, but after that, he has to go. He can never seem to invest too much time into the relationship. Again, maybe he works a lot or is busy with school and other hobbies. But come on. If you really like someone, you invest your time into them.

#12 He always bails on you. When he cancels plans, you’re not even surprised. In fact, you are more surprised when he sticks to his commitments. If he’s always bailing on you, he’s not into you. This is something you need to know and accept, and move on.

#13 He checks out other women in public. I’m not saying because he’s with you, he’s blind. Of course, everyone, both men and women, see other attractive people when they’re out. And though you see them, you don’t blatantly check them out. Why? Because it’s disrespectful towards your partner. But he doesn’t seem to mind. He’ll turn around to check a hot chick out right in front of you.

#14 He doesn’t include you in his plans. You end up finding out what he’s doing when he checks into events on Instagram or Facebook. Other than that, he doesn’t really tell you what he’s up to in his personal life. Which is pretty odd since he’s supposed to be “into you.” If he’s not including you in his life, then he doesn’t want other people to see.

#15 He calls you by the wrong name. Oh god, that’s awkward. If a guy really likes you, he’s not going to get your name wrong. But if he does mix your name up with someone else, it looks like he’s seeing too many people at one time. Poor guy, what a hard life he must live.

It’s not easy to accept the truth, especially when it’s someone you love betraying your trust. But, if you’re noticing these signs of how to know if he’s texting someone else, it’s time you confronted him about it. 


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