How to Be the Man in a Relationship and Achieve True Manliness

How to Be the Man in a Relationship and Achieve True Manliness

Knowing how to be the man in a relationship has nothing to do with money in the bank or what you can bench. Move beyond the shallow to true manliness.

We tend to equate a “man” with someone who makes a lot of money, wears nice clothing, and works out every day at the gym. But these ideals are all wrong and aren’t about knowing how to be a man. Sure, he’s still a man if he does those things, but knowing how to be the man in a relationship is more than just the physical and shallow things.

This is something that we don’t take enough about. What does being a man mean? How can you be the man in a relationship?

It’s time to explore and dig a little bit deeper into what it means to be a man in a relationship. Because trust me, having a fancy car is nothing. Of course, those things are nice, but at the end of the day, she’s choosing to be with you, not the car you drive.

How to be a man in a relationship

Becoming a better man doesn’t mean losing your place in the world as a man; it’s not a weakness. In reality, it makes you even more of a man. So, here are some ways you can work on being a man in a relationship.

Let’s “man up” the right way.

#1 Embrace your emotions. You’re not a robot. This whole “men don’t cry” mentality is doing the opposite of making men; it’s preventing them from being men. Embrace your emotions in your relationship. That is one of the keys for how to be the man in a relationship.

You don’t need to hide how you’re feeling, whether those feelings are positive or not.

#2 Practice vulnerability. If you want to know how to be the man in a relationship, then open up to your partner. Being closed and unemotional isn’t going to get you anywhere. We like to avoid hard conversations, but those conversations help us grow and develop as people. Open up to your partner, and let them in.

#3 Actively listen. Your partner wants to be with someone who’s going to sit down and actively listen when they want to share a story or their feelings. People want to be heard. A real partner will put the phone down and give their attention to their partner when needed.

#4 Don’t try to fix your partner. You choose to be with your partner not because of who they could be, but because of who they are now. A real man in a relationship isn’t trying to change their partner. They love their partner for who they are… flaws included.

#5 Practice empathy. A lot of our problems would be solved if we just sat down and listened to one another. It’s important to practice empathy in your relationship and not judge your partner for their feelings or opinions.

Try to look at the situation from her perspective, taking into account her experiences and point of view, and this is a sign you know how to be the man in a relationship.

#6 Take responsibility for your actions. If you made a mistake, being a man means owning up to what you did. We all make mistakes. But the difference between a boy and a man is how we handle it.

Learning how to take responsibility for your actions and apologize isn’t easy. But it’s a sign of growth and strength.

#7 Say what you feel. It’s easy to bottle up all your emotions and not tell anyone how you’re feeling. But that’s also a sign of poor communication skills. Being a man means expressing your feelings truthfully to your partner. Share how you’re feeling with the partner you trust.

#8 Kindness goes a long way. Learning how to be the man in a relationship isn’t about being dominant every second of the day and competing with your partner. Remember that a relationship isn’t a competition. Use kindness to lift your partner up. You’ll see what a little bit of kindness can do to a relationship.

#9 Change the way you argue. It’s easy to be petty during an argument and criticize your partner. But conflict, when used properly, can resolve issues and grow the relationship. Instead of being negative and petty, change the way you argue and use the experience to get to the root of the problem.

#10 Practice self-worth. A lot of men have untouched baggage since we’ve pushed the idea that men shouldn’t talk about their emotions and feelings. But your past experiences have brought you to this point in life, and not all of them were a walk in the park.

Explore your past, work through your issues, and understand that you are worthy of a healthy and loving relationship.

#11 Talk about sex. You want to satisfy your partner, right? Well, this means you need to talk about sex with them. What do they like or not like? What do they want to try? Explore your partner’s needs and desires in the bedroom and vice versa. You want to have more than just sex.

After reading this, I hope you use some of these tips to help you learn how to be the man in a relationship — the true type of manliness.


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