Funny Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Leave Her ROFL

Funny Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Leave Her ROFL

You can never make her laugh too much or get to know her too well! So here’s a big list of funny questions to ask your girlfriend, and leave her in splits!

Whether you’ve been dating your girlfriend for three weeks, three months, or three years, there is always more to know. And what better way to learn more about your girl than with the perfect funny questions to ask your girlfriend?

It is great to have serious discussions about her dreams and the future, but keeping things light and fun is what gets you through the everyday monotony of life.

Having the perfect funny questions to ask your girlfriend will bring you closer together through humor and knowledge.

These funny questions range from flirty to more serious and just purely random. Ask them here or there, or go through every one of them on the list and make a night of it!

The best funny questions to ask your girlfriend

Whether you want to make her laugh, cheer her up or just have a goofy chat, these are some amazingly funny questions to ask your girlfriend anytime.

#1 Who in your school had the funniest name? They may not have thought about it in years but when they do, it’ll make them laugh. I swear, in my school, there was a girl named Anna Nana. Who would do that to their kid?

#2 What candy would you use to describe our sex life? Sugar Daddy? Jawbreaker? Blow Pop? Fun Dip? Hopefully, it isn’t Laffy Taffy or Rocky Road.

#3 Who was your childhood cartoon crush? This says a lot about someone, surprisingly. Did she like Bart Simpson, SpongeBob, or maybe Hey Arnold?

#4 Would you still date me if I shrunk down to two inches tall? Would you ditch me, or carry me around in your pocket?

#5 What would you do if you could spend one day as a man? This is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that’ll have a lot of fun answers. They could easily go from funny to gross, but you’ll both get a kick out of it.

#6 What would you do if you found out I argued with strangers in the comments section on the internet? Would you think it was funny? Would you judge me? Would you walk out and never come back?

#7 Who is your weirdest family member and why? Do you have a weird aunt who always smells funny and tells uncomfortable stories? Or are you the weird family member?

#8 What’s the funniest thing someone’s said to you while fooling around? Whether you were in the act or leading up to it, what has someone said that was just so hard not to laugh at? I once had a guy apologize for his hairy butt, and I am not kidding.

#9 How do you eat a cupcake? This could be something you disagree on forever, but it is pretty interesting to see if she eats it normally, eats the bottom first, or tears the bottom off and makes a sandwich with the icing in the middle.

#10 What’s something random that you find super sexy? Are you super into a guy who can cook or do you find a certain outfit extremely sexy? Ask this funny question to your girlfriend so you know what she thinks is super-sexy!

#11 What’s your least favorite animal? People always ask about your most favorite animal, but what animal don’t you like and why? For me, it’s horses. I just think they’re too big and dangerous.

#12 If your house had to smell like one thing forever, what smell would you pick? Would you pick something simple like clean laundry or something unique like your favorite Italian dish?

#13 Have you ever been pooped on by a bird? I for one have been pooped on by a bird three separate times in my life and each time is more ridiculous than the next. This is always a good story.

#14 What did you always get from the ice cream truck as a kid? Or as an adult? Ice cream trucks are known for their nostalgic and unique options. What did you always go for?

#15 Did you ever steal anything as a kid? Maybe a comic book? Maybe a candy bar? Or maybe some cookies at the grocery store that your parents didn’t even notice?

#16 Do you think I’m funny? Let’s hope she says yes. This is a funny question to ask your girlfriend that’ll actually help you learn more about what she thinks of your funny bone!

#17 What job would you have in the circus? Would you be the ringmaster, an acrobat, or something much more unique like the bearded lady?

#18 What song would you sing to serenade me? Would you keep it classy with ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ or go with something a little funkier like ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls?

#19 What do you think I’d come back as if I were reincarnated? Let’s see what she really thinks of you? Will you come back as a firefighter or a lion or something like a dung beetle?

#20 What animal am I most like? Just hope she says a rabbit rather than a sloth.

#21 What’s the weirdest lie you’ve told to get out of something? Do you stick with the basics like you’re sick or have you made up a crazy story about a family member?

#22 Would you rather live in a world where everyone believes in science or everyone believes in magic? I know you can’t really believe in science because it’s just facts, but we know so many people don’t. What would your girlfriend say?

#23 Would you rather be an animal or a robot? There is quite a difference, but which does your girlfriend see herself in more? And does it turn you on?

#24 Are you ever embarrassed by me? It is time to find out what she really thinks of you. Is she embarrassed when you say ‘dude’ to her dad or is she always in awe of your charm?

#25 Can you lick your elbow? It is supposed to be impossible, but watching her try will be hilarious and if she can, like me, it’ll be a fun anecdote to share at parties.

#26 What is the grossest food? Does she hate normal things like escargots or is cilantro her kryptonite?

#27 Which are you most likely to survive? A zombie apocalypse or a robot takeover? Can she fight off zombies that were formerly humans or would she do better at attacking machines?

#28 What reality show would you go on? Let’s just hope she doesn’t say The Bachelor.

#29 What are you most likely to be arrested for? Streaking? Having sex in public? Or something like public intoxication? This is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that can reveal a lot about her naughty side!

#30 If your face had to turn any color when you were embarrassed, what color would you pick? We all turn a little red but if you had to completely turn a color, which would you choose? And tell her she can’t pick her skin color.

#31 What sitcom character am I most like? Does she think of you more as a Jerry Seinfeld or a Ross Gellar or maybe a Joey Tribiani?

#32 What’s the weirdest thing I do? Be prepared to find out that she knows that you pick your nose or clean your nails with your teeth.

#33 Would you rather lose your eyebrows or grow a mustache? Either way, it’ll be funny to picture.

#34 What story does your family tell to make fun of you? Mine always says how I would burst out in the middle of dinner and ask why I was the middle child. Ask your girlfriend this funny question, and you can learn a lot more about her childhood too.

#35 What type of fruit would make the best baseball? An apple? An orange? Do you agree?

#36 What was your favorite age? Was it when you were a child, or last year? Or maybe it hasn’t even happened yet?

#37 What was your first kiss like? This could be a sweet story or a very funny one.

#38 Have you ever laughed so hard you peed a little? I’ll bet she has and I bet it’s a really funny story.

#39 What would you give up for a month? Chocolate or your phone? I guarantee she says chocolate, but if not, good for her.

#40 What’s your favorite emoji? The purple devil? The crying cat? Or something super random like the hovering dude?

#41 Can you do a pirate accent? Whether she can or not, this is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that can turn into pure comedy gold!

#42 What is the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled? Maybe she is a big prankster and has a great story. Or maybe she’s played a small prank like the toilet smoking one and just can’t stop laughing at it.

#43 What’s the weirdest thing you’ve dressed up as for Halloween? I was a pumpkin princess three years running. And once I was Simba from The Lion King with a lion headpiece and a lion face painted on. So, that was fun.

#44 Can you name all 50 states in under 6 minutes? Unless your girlfriend is a geographer, there is a good chance she won’t be able to. I only got 38 and it took 20 more minutes to get the rest.

#45 What Disney villain are you most like? Forget the princesses. the villains are much more interesting.

#46 What song do you know all the words to that I would never suspect? Whatta Man by Salt-N-Pepa or Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar?

#47 If iced coffee is so good why is hot coffee that gets cold so gross? What is her reasoning for this head-scratcher?

#48 Is a hot dog a sandwich? No. But what does she think?

#49 If you had to get a person’s face tattooed on your body, whose face would you pick and where would you get it? I always thought this was so weird. Would she get your face? Her mom’s? Or a celebrity?

#50 What’s your funniest bathroom story? Was it a close call? Was it a full-on accident? This is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that’ll either make both of you laugh or go “oh noooo!”

#51 Can you make yourself burp? She may have been hiding this little trick from you, but it is time to see her true nature.

#52 Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? Vampire all day, but if she says werewolf, that’ll be a fun conversation.

#53 How long do you wear a bra before washing it? You’ve probably never thought about this, so her answer will blow your mind.

#54 What’s the funniest pick-up line you’ve ever heard? Something cheesy like, “if I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet I’d put U and I together,” or something so random and weird?

#55 Has anyone ever walked in on you having sex? Please tell me it isn’t just me.

#56 What is your favorite part of my body? This funny question to ask your girlfriend could lead to something more fun for both of you.

#57 Have you told your friends any embarrassing stories about me? I’ll bet she has. Just don’t get mad.

#58 Want to hear me burp the alphabet? She’ll probably say no, but she’ll laugh when you do it nonetheless.

#59 Who is your most bizarre celebrity crush? Is it someone really weird or someone really old?

#60 Would you rather I was hairless or hairy like a bear? Either one is weird, but if she had to choose

#61 Who would play us in a movie about your life? Which actors does she see representing you two and your love story? This is one of those funny questions to ask your girlfriend that’ll actually help you see what she feels about herself, you, and everyone in her life!

#62 What’s the most annoying thing about modern technology? Is it the internet? Is it all the false information? Is it how much we rely on it?

#63 Have you scrolled all the way back on my social media? I’m telling you that she has unless she has the world’s most intense self-control.

#64 How would you curse your childhood bully? Would you curse them with lifelong bad breath? Or maybe give them heartburn every time they eat or make them fart every time they kiss someone?

#65 What would you rather lick off of me? Chocolate syrup or whipped cream? Ohh la la.

#66 What makes you cringe the most about your childhood? Was it when she cut her own bangs or dressed like Madonna every day?

#67 If you could name your biggest enemy’s child, what would you name them? This is sure to lead to some heavy laughter.

These funny questions to ask your girlfriend should help to cheer her up, make her laugh, or help you two get to know each other better in no time!


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