The First Text to a Girl: Flirty Examples to Leave Her Smiling

The First Text to a Girl: Flirty Examples to Leave Her Smiling

You want to text her, but don’t know where to start? Here are all the perfect examples you can use in your first text to a girl and get her to flirt back with you!

Finally! You’ve managed to get the number of that cute girl you like. You play it cool and wait a few days to get in touch. But, when the time is just right, you simply can’t think of the right words. The first text to a girl seems like a daunting task. Where do you begin? What if you say something corny? What if you go wrong somewhere? What if you come across as a bore?! Gasp!

We have all been there – when you want to devise the perfect text for a girl to grab her attention, make her sit up and take notice, give her butterflies, and make her heart melt.

There are so many different strategies you can use in your first text to a girl, and only you will know which one will suit her. Only you can decide how you want to be perceived!

Do you want to seduce her? Do you want to make her laugh? Do you want to romance her? Do you want to play it cool?

Your first text to a girl will set the standard for what she will come to expect from you. Everything from your greeting, to using emojis, to how many kisses you put at the end *or whether to put kisses at all* will have a direct effect on whether or not you get the response you want.

The first text to a girl – The perfect examples to guide you

So, with this in mind, we have come up with an extensive list of great texts that you can use in your first text to a girl. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at the list below and pick one that you like – it’s as easy as that!

#1 Hey girl, want to know a secret? This first text is great, it’s fun, a little bit mysterious, and will have her intrigued from the beginning. When she responds *which she almost certainly will,* you can say something cute and funny like, “I met this great girl the other day, and I think I have a crush on her.”

#2 Hey, sorry I just found this number on my phone – not sure who it is? This is a clever little text to send when you are trying to figure out ways to frame the first text to a girl. And if you are not confident she will reply, then this is the one for you. Playing it cool can be a great way to entice your lady in.

If it seems like you’ve forgotten about her, she’ll be determined to make you remember. When she tells you who it is, make sure you sound pleased – you don’t want to play it so cool that you put her off altogether.

#3 Oh my gosh, will you stop texting me already… this is getting ridiculous! Obviously, this text is a little tongue-in-cheek, and should only be sent if you haven’t heard from her. She’ll know you’re kidding and that you have a good sense of humor, which is a huge bonus.

#4 Let’s switch roles. You’re me, I’m you. What would you do to make me say yes to a date? Again, this is a cute and funny way to show that you are interested. It’s teasing her, and complimenting her, and being pretty straightforward too! You like her, you want to ask her out, and you want to know how to make that happen!

#5 What’s your favorite drink? When you are trying to figure out the first text to a girl, keep it simple but to the point with this one. When she tells you what it is, then respond by saying you know a great bar that specializes in *insert her favorite drink here* and then ask her out on a date.

#6 Oh my goodness, the most amazing thing happened to me today! I can’t actually believe it, I was walking down the street and… Cut your text off halfway through, and make it sound like you have something super exciting to tell her.

And when she replies asking what it is, tell her you’ll only give her the rest if she agrees to go out with you!

#7 I like you, when can we hang out? This is a simple, honest, and direct approach with your first text to a girl. If your girl prefers to be straightforward and hates games, then this text will go down as a treat.

#8 I think you are really pretty, I’d love to take you out sometime, when are you free? Giving her a sweet compliment without being too forceful or sexual is a great way to start.

She’ll feel flattered and trust that you are a nice guy. She’ll know that you’re not just after sex, so she will be more likely to say yes to you and see how it goes.

#9 As much as I love having a text conversation, perhaps it’s time we meet face-to-face? If you don’t know what to text her, but want to sound super cool and direct in your first text to a girl, use this. Just bite the bullet and ask her out, plain and simple.

#10 I have been thinking about you all day and I can’t stop thinking about you. Letting a girl know that she is on your mind is both flattering and romantic. So if you have been daydreaming about her, then be sure to let her know. Don’t forget about this simple, yet effective, strategy that’s daring and bold for a very first text to a girl.

#11 Tell me your perfect date. Go straight ahead and ask her out. Get her to describe her perfect date, and then take her on it. You’ll know she’ll love the gesture – trying to get everything absolutely perfect for her will go down as another treat. This is one of the best strategies for a first text to a girl if you’re totally interested in dating her.

#12 Want to come on a secret tour of *insert city/ place you live?* This text will be intriguing and show that you know how to have fun. Exploring the city in which you live with someone who can show you new places *or secret venues you never knew existed* can be really fun.

#13 Me and my friends are hanging out at *insert venue* later tonight. Just wondering if you wanted to join us? This is a great first text to use if you want to keep it casual. Let her know that you are bringing friends along, and the group situation will put less pressure on her.

So if she just wants to see how it goes without the expectations that go with a 1:1 date, then she’ll be way more likely to agree. This is a low-risk strategy for a first text to a girl who’s given you her number.

#14 You make me nervous. If you want to be cute, tell her she makes you nervous – it will make her melt. This approach to a first text gives her a little bit of control and power but tells her what a serious effect she is having on you *which is sure to make her smile.*

#15 I saw this and thought of you. Take a picture of something funny or romantic, or pick an interesting and funny meme and send it to her. It’s a casual and fun start without the pressure of using words in the first text!

#17 Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should we meet again? OK, so cheesy lines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do them in a cheeky way so she knows that you are joking with her *rather than being sleazy or serious,* then she’ll find it funny and pretty attractive too!

#18 What are you doing RIGHT NOW? If you want to be super spontaneous, then why not text a girl and see if she is free straight away? Make sure you have something fun and silly planned if she is free. It could be a picnic in the park, a game of hide and seek, tickets to a gig or sports game – anything you can think of!

#19 Look who is dying to meet you *picture of a puppy.* When she asks if it is yours, you can just say “no, but I knew it would get you talking!” It’s a fun way to tease her, and she will appreciate the joke.

When figuring out what to write in the first text to a girl, it is all about keeping it light and casual. The less time you spend texting, the more time you can spend getting to know her in real life. And surely that is what is most important!


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