Don’t Ignore These Sure Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone

Don’t Ignore These Sure Signs He Wants You to Leave Him Alone

People’s feelings change with time. Maybe it’s a crush or a partner, but he’s no longer interested. Here are the signs he wants you to leave him alone.

It’s hard to accept the truth when you really like someone. In high school, I had the biggest crush on my friend and did everything I could to get him to like me—nothing worked. After that, I realized it wouldn’t have mattered what I looked like or what I did to impress him; he showed some of these signs he wants you to leave him alone.

So, ultimately, I left him alone. And I decided to move on from the one-sided relationship. It wasn’t easy, and the small glimpse of hope inside of me wished that he would come around, but he didn’t.

The most obvious signs he wants you to leave him alone

It’s not easy for people to openly say they want you to leave them alone. Many people are uncomfortable with the awkwardness of the situation, so they drop not-so-obvious hints. Of course, you ignore them because who wants to see that someone doesn’t like them?

But it’s time to face the facts and stop wasting your time on someone who doesn’t want the same things as you. There are other people out there that will appreciate you, but this isn’t your guy.

It’s time to move on.

#1 He takes ages to reply to you. When you text him, he takes hours to text back. He’s even online during that time but doesn’t take a second to read what you have to say. If he really liked you, he would respond because he cares.

#2 He’s disconnected during sex. If you’re still having sex with this guy, stop. Just stop. He doesn’t deserve you, and it sounds like he’s just keeping you around for pleasure. Not cool. If he’s having sex with you but not engaging with you, that’s a serious problem. You’re not a doll.

#3 One worded texts. Ah yes, the one-worded text. Okay, we all send one-worded texts every now and then if we’re busy, but if he’s consistently only replying with one-worded answers and not asking you any questions, then it’s time you left him alone.

#4 He’s happiest when he’s around other people. When you’re not around, he’s the happiest person on earth. When you’re next to him, it seems like he has a dark, heavy cloud around him. This is one of those clear signs he wants you to leave him alone, and that something is going on inside his head and he’s not enjoying the time he spends with you.

#5 He doesn’t open up to you. For a couple to connect on an emotional level, they must share deep feelings with each other and connect with one another. But he’s stopped talking to you about anything intimate going on in his life. He keeps the conversation very minimal and basic.

#6 He spends time with other women. Now, it’s normal for men to have female friends. However, if he’s suddenly hanging out with women he’s just met for the first time, then that’s fishy. If he’s meeting other women, the odds are he’s seeing what’s out there.

#7 He makes plans without you. It’s normal for couples to make plans together. It’s also normal for couples to make plans without their partner, but it’s about finding the right balance. If he’s planning future trips and holidays with only his friends, excluding you, then what’s going on?

#8 He’s stopped all affectionate behavior. He used to hug, kiss, and touch you, but that’s all come to a stop. And this is a serious sign that something’s off. Why would he stop being affectionate towards you? What’s going on?

#9 He doesn’t spend time with you. A couple should spend time together; it’s a relationship. The less time you spend with someone, the less you communicate with them. If your partner really wants to be with you *unless there’s a special reason* he wouldn’t avoid spending time with you.

#10 He picks fights with you. Looking for subtle signs he wants you to leave him alone, and worse, actually wants to completely disconnect from you? Ask yourself if you two are constantly fighting over petty things that aren’t worthy of an argument. He wants you to break up with him, but he’s too scared to do it himself. So, he picks stupid fights with you just so that you’ll get angry enough to make the move for him.

#11 He doesn’t post anything with you on social media. You used to be all over his social media, but he’s made it clear he doesn’t want you on it anymore. There are no more posts with you included, and if there are photos, he looks very single in them.

#12 You feel something is off. You’re not stupid; you feel that something isn’t right between you. Of course, there could be other reasons why. But if you notice multiple signs, then ask yourself if he really likes you.

If you’re not sure whether he’s showing signs he wants you to leave him alone, give this list of signs a real thought and ask yourself how many of these signs you see in your relationship.


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